Monday, June 20, 2016

Never Under Estimate Your Influence on Others

I had the honor of attended a funeral today for a friend who served as an LDS Bishop when I was a youth growing up in in Visalia, California. He was not my bishop, but when I needed to talk to a bishop, he was the bishop I called. He loved the youth and they loved him. He was a great example to me and had a tremendous impact on my life.

As I remember the influence he had on me, it just reinforced the notion that we should never underestimate the influence for good we may have on people as we strive to help and serve them. We may feel our little acts of service, concern and love do not make a difference, but I think in most cases, they make more of an impact and difference than we may ever know.

Bishop and Sister Schofield have 13 children. All were at the funeral. There were also over 50 grandchildren their. What a legacy! As I think of Bishop Schofield, I see a man who chose to serve God and his family first. He was successful in his business, but his business was a means to an end.  His treasure was his family and his testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ. I can only imagine the treasures he has prepared for himself and his family in heaven.

Until we meet again Bishop!

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