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For My Friend Wade Fillmore - MORUMON.ORG Link

In honor of my good friend Wade Fillmore, who passed away about a year ago, I want to share this link to his website. Just before he passed away he gave me all the information he had developed and researched for his website. I have hoped to, in some form, continue his legacy of sharing gospel insight and information to members and friends of the church who are in, or love, Japan. In an attempt to fulfill my promise to Wade and to satisfy my own desires, I have decided to post information in both English and Japanese on this blog and promote it through various social media. I am not as scholarly or smart as Brother Fillmore, but I hope I can continue to inform and inspire people through what we share. With the link below, anyone should be able to continue to access and view all of Brother Fillmore's original posts. I look forward to posting some of his writings again on this blog.
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Below is from a post on Facebook last year with the message Brother Fillmore asked me to share.

This past week we lost a wonderful friend and great missionary to Japan and the Japanese people. Rika and I had the chance to visit with him and Joanne in Idaho a few weeks ago. What a great example this couple has been to us. We love and appreciate them. Brother Fillmore is no doubt carrying on the Lord's work among the Japanese in the spirit world right now. He was so excited to have the opportunity to do that. Our prayers are with your family Joanne. We take comfort in knowing all is well because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
After our visit, Wade sent the following to me in both English and Japanese. He ask me to share it with all of you now. May the Lord bless you! Bill and Rika McIntyre
This is a wonderful testimony from a great missionary! English follows the Japanese.
地上で出会った全ての人に共通することで2つの重要なことがあります。その内の最初のことについて、ほとんどの人は知りません。二番目については、子ども を除いてすべての人が知っています。最初のことは、私たちは全員天の両親の子どもで、天の両親は私たちを愛しておられます。したがって、私たちは現在地上 にいるすべての人たち、すでに亡くなった人たち、そして前世からこれから生まれてくる人たちと兄弟姉妹の関係にあります。二番目は、私たちは地上に先祖が いるということです。例外はありません。まず、皆が知っているところから話しを始めたいと思います。『私の家族』(My Family)という小冊子は、私たちはすべて先祖がいるという真実からスタートしています。
私はこのように人々に話しをします。例えば、初めて会う散髪屋さんのケイトに、祖父母の名前を8人知っているかどうか尋ねます。驚くことに、彼女は知って いました。それは意外でした。なぜなら、彼女は鼻にリングをして、首の下に大きな刺青をしていたからです。彼女はその小冊子を喜んで受け取ってくれまし た。小冊子の裏表紙の下の方にD&C2章に書いてある言葉を添えてラベルを貼ります。ときおり、話しかける人にその聖句を黙読してもらうようにお 願いします。そして、自分がその章を正確に言えるかどうか確認してもらうようにしています。
私は、長年、教会の公式な召しと個人的な関わりを通して伝道の業に携わってきました。これまで関わってきた人たちに何を残せるのか考えてきました。彼らが 取っておきたいと思うようなもので、御霊が心に宿ってもらえるようなことです。私はこの小冊子は誰に対しても価値のあるものだと思います。この小冊子を受 け取った人が、冊子の中に書かれていることを少しでも行うならば、御霊を感じることでしょう。しかし、多くの人はそのことに気づかないかもしれません。
前世で、私たちは兄弟姉妹でした。私たちには、伴侶、子ども、姪、甥、伯母、伯父、従姉妹・従兄弟、先祖はいませんでした。唯一存在したのは、私たちの天 の両親です。私たちが地球に生まれてきたその瞬間から、地上での父方と母方の先祖を引き継ぐことになります。また、私たちには、伯母、伯父、従姉妹・従兄 弟がいることが多々あります。姪や甥がいる人もいます。大人になれば、伴侶や子どもを持つこともできます。(サタンとそれに従う者は霊の兄弟姉妹しかいま せん)
天父は、明らかに、私たちが互いに兄弟姉妹である関係に加えて上記のような親類を持つことを望んでおられます。前世において、私たちは、そのような親類を 持っていませんでした。天父は、親類関係が永続して永遠にそのような関係が続くことを望んでおられます。これを可能にするためには、神によって正式に承認 された方法、すなわち、任命を受けた奉仕者が神殿で執り行う儀式を通して親類関係を築く必要があります。また、私たちは、個人的に肉体的にも霊的にもふさ わしくなる必要があります。そうすることで、平安を得て、神と一緒に家族として暮らすことができます。
神はこの教えをモロナイという奉仕者を通してジョセフ・スミスに伝えました。その内容は、教義と誓約(Doctrine & Covenants)2章に記述されており、1823年9月21日と22日にかけて15時間のあいだ3度繰り返し伝えられました。『見よ、主の大いなる恐 るべき日が来る前に、わたしは預言者エリヤの手によってあなたがたに神権を現そう。彼は先祖に与えられた約束を子孫の心に植え、子孫の心はその先祖に向か うであろう。そうでなければ、主の来臨の時に、全地はことごとく荒廃するであろう。』
私たちから11世代さかのぼると2,046名の先祖が存在することになります。私たちは、彼らの子孫と関係しています。地球に生まれてくる者にとって、こ れが現実として存在します。天父とイエス・キリストは一人一人を愛しています。私たちが、天父とイエス・キリストを愛しているのであれば、彼らが愛する人 たちを愛することを学ばなければなりません。これは、たやすいことではありませんが、可能なことだと思います。自分に人を愛することが難しいと思う時に、 神はそれを可能するために愛を分け与えてくださいます。
天父の愛が偉大な理由となり、神は私たちを英知として神の霊の子どもになるようにしてくださいました。これを基に、偉大なる救いの計画を作られました。こ の計画には、地球の創造、背き、イエス・キリストの贖いが含まれます。イエス・キリストの贖いによって、私たちが日の栄の王国で家族として住みたいと心か ら望むのであればそれを可能にしてくださいます。この偉大な救いの計画は、末日聖徒イエス・キリスト教会によって地上で実行されます。
Saturday, May 09, 2015
We have two important things in common with all people ever associated with this earth. The first of the two most people don’t know. The second one everyone except young children knows. The first is that we are all children of Heavenly Parents who love us. Thus we are also siblings with everyone on the earth now, with those who have already passed away and with all those yet to come from the premortal world. The second is that all of us on the earth have ancestors. There are no exceptions. So I think we should start there with what everyone knows. The My Family booklet allows us to start with the truth that all of us have ancestors.
Here is what I say to people. For example, I asked my barber, Cait whom I had never met before, if she knew the names of her eight great grandparents. Surprisingly she did know. I thought she would not know because she had a nose ring and a large tattoo just below her neck. She was delighted to receive the booklet. I attach a label to add the words of D&C 2 at the bottom on the back of each booklet. Sometimes I ask those I am talking to read along silently and check me to see if I can quote D&C 2 correctly.
I have been involved in missionary work for many years with formal callings and privately. I have wondered what we could leave with someone and everyone we talk to that they would want to keep and which would invite the Spirit to come into their hearts. I think this booklet is something that can be left with almost anyone. If they do anything with it, they will feel the Spirit though many may not recognize yet it.
In the premortal world we were all siblings. We had no spouses, children, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins or ancestors except our Heavenly Parents. When we come to earth, the minute we are born, we inherit all of the our father’s ancestors and all of our mother’s ancestors. In addition, in many cases we will have aunts, uncles, and cousins. A few of us will have nieces and nephews. As we grow up, we can also have spouses and children. (Satan and his followers only have spirit siblings.)
Obviously, Heavenly Father wanted us to have these relatives in to being siblings with everyone. We did not have these relatives in the premortal world. He wants us to make these relationships permanent so they can continue into the eternities. To do this, we must have our relationships formally recognized by God through ordinances performed by His appointed servants in temples. We must also individually become worthy and thus comfortable, both physically and spiritually, to live as families in the presence of God.
God taught this through his servant Moroni when he gave Joseph Smith the scripture which is the second section of the Doctrine & Covenants three times within 15 hours on the 21st and 22nd of September 1823. “Behold I will reveal unto you the priesthood by the hand of Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the fathers, And the hearts of the children will turn to their fathers. If it were not so, the whole earth would be utterly wasted at his coming.”
So when our hearts are not turned to our fathers, the ordinances for ourselves and those connected to us in the world of Spirits will not be performed and if they are not performed, will not the whole earth utterly wasted at the coming of the Lord?
Our Heavenly Father also wanted us to be connected permanently with many people besides our blood relatives. And we can be. For example, we share our grandparentship with two other people, the parents of our children’s spouses. As great grandparents, we share that relationship with six other people, up a generation we share it with 14 more, etc.
In total, eleven generations back from us, we have a 2,046 ancestors. So we are connected with all of their descendants. That is the way things are for every one of us earthlings. And our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know and love each of them. If we love Them, we should learn to love whom they love. This is not easy, but I know it is possible. And when I seem short on love, Heavenly Father lends me some of His.
Our Heavenly Father’s love is the great cause that moved Him to arrange for us, as intelligences, to become his spirit children. This led Him to establish the Great Plan of Salvation which includes the creation of the earth, the fall, and the atonement of Jesus Christ which makes the redemption possible for all of us to return to live as families in the Celestial Kingdom if that is what we truly want. This great plan of salvation is administered on this earth by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
We believe that through the atonement of Christ all mankind may be saved through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. How deeply grateful I am for the loving kindness of our Father and his Son.

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