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God Does Answer Prayers! - Something I learned as a Young Boy

A few years ago my mother passed away. This is one of my favorite memories of her. This little event has had a huge impact on my life. This was the beginnings of my testimony of prayer. The year is around 1972 and the location, Visalia, Calfornia.

 - William McIntyre

I learned at a young age that our Father in Heaven really does answers prayers.  As a boy of about 8 or 9 years of age, I often biked around the block to the street behind my house to play with my friends. There was a large walnut orchard behind my house that separated my street from the neighborhood behind us. The trip around the block was not all that far, but with the extra distance due to the orchard, to a young boy it seemed like a major journey. To complicate the trip, there were some boys that lived in a house on the corner behind our street. They were the neighborhood bullies and passing by their house was a scary experience. I remember rounding the corner each time and riding as fast as I could in hopes that they would not see me or at least not be able to catch me.

One day after playing with my friends around the block, I was riding home and to my great fear, these boys were out in the street right in my path. It was as if they were waiting for me. They were your typical neighborhood bullies and I was sure they saw in me a younger boy they could take advantage of. They seemed to think the corner was theirs and they had the right to torment anyone who past it. I stopped as soon as I saw them. I was still a few hundred yards away. I remember sitting on my bike at the curb near the sidewalk. I was terrified. I thought they would beat me up for sure.

At first, I hoped they had not noticed me, but then I saw them start walking my way. I had to think quick. I imagined myself dropping my bike and making a mad dash for the front door of the house I was stopped in front of. Then I thought, but if they are not home and no one answers the door, I am a dead man!

I felt helpless and alone. The only thing I could think to do was pray. I prayed in my heart that they would not hurt me and that I could somehow get away. I could not see anyway out of this problem. I prayed harder asking my Father in Heaven to help me be safe and know what to do.

I stood for what seemed like a long time, but was probably only a minute or two, as they approached. The boys started yelling things at me as they got closer. Soon they were so close it was evident I would have to run or fight. I prayed for super human strength or at least super human speed so they would not be able to catch me.
As I stood my ground and they continued to tease me, I saw something that not only surprised me, but brought great relief to my situation. Just up the street behind the bullies I saw our old brown Dodge station wagon slowly turn the corner and start to make its way towards us. It was my mother. I gained that super human strength and told the boys they should leave me alone! When they saw the car and it was apparent that my rescue had arrived, the bullies quickly ran off back towards their house.

 My prayer was answered!

The funny thing is my mother had never come to pick me up before and I wasn't late. There was no real reason for her to come looking for me. When I asked her why she was had come, she simply said she felt like she should come and see where I was. It was then I knew. The Holy Ghost answered my prayer by speaking in a still small voice to my mother. I was never alone facing those bullies. Father had heard my prayer and His Spirit was with me and protecting me. And my mother was able to hear and act upon His prompting.

I learned that day that the God does hear and answer prayers. I learned he does not always answer them in the way we expect him to or sometimes want him to, but he does answer.  I also learned that he often answers our prayers through someone else. While I expected to have something happen to me, like great sudden human strength, the Spirit quietly answered my prayer by speaking to one who would listen, one in tune who could help me.  And she came to my rescue. How grateful I am for a mother who was able to hear the still small voice and have the courage to act on that prompting.

Since that day, I have never doubted that God is there. I have never questioned if he hears my prayers. I have also tried to act upon the promptings I feel from time to time in hopes that in some way, I might be able to be the answer to someone’s prayer like my mother was to mine that day I faced the bullies and she came to my rescue.
Yes, God is there and he hears and answers the humble and sincere prayer.


数年前、私の母は他界しました。これは、母の思い出話の一つとして私の好きなものです。この小さな出来事が、私の人生に大きなインパクトを与えました。これが私の祈りに対する証の始まりとなったからです。これは約1972年、カリフォルニア州、バイセリア市で起こりました。    (ウイリアム・マッキタイヤー)

私は幼くして、天の御父が 本当に私たちの祈りにこたえてくださることを学びました。当時8歳、9歳くらいの私は、家の裏手にある友達の家に自転車で遊びに出かけていました。家の裏手には大きな木の実の畑があり、その畑を超え、道を超えたところに友達の家がありました。その家まで、距離にすれば大したものではなかったと思うのですが、子供の頃はこの畑の脇の道を通り、友達の家にたどり着くのがとても長く感じられました。また、この道のりに加え、家の裏手から先に進んだ一つ目の角に住む数人の男子の事で、さらに気が重くなっていました。彼らは近所のいじめっ子たちで、彼らの家の前を通るのはとても怖いことでした。毎回、彼らの家の前を見つからないように、また捕まらないように急いでその角を曲がったのを覚えています。









あの日以来、私は神様の存在を疑ったことはありません。また彼が私の祈りを聞いているだろうかと思ったこともありません。また私自身、あの日、聖霊の囁きに耳を傾け、私を助けに来てくれた母のように 誰かの祈りにこたえられるように備えようとしてきました。


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